Au pays des rêves

Date de sortie 22/12/1933 (01h18) Titre original Going Hollywood Réalisé par Raoul Walsh Avec Marion Davies , Bing Crosby , Fifi D'Orsay , Stuart Erwin , Ned Sparks , Patsy Kelly , Bobby Watson , Three Radio Rogues , Eddie Bartell , Wallace Beery , Clara Blandick , Harry Bowen , Nora Cecil , Ken Darby , Jon Dodson , Marie Dressler , Bud Geary , Sterling Holloway , Jimmy Hollywood , Jane Keckley , Bud Linn , Wilbur Mack , Louise Mackintosh , Sam McDaniel , Robert Montgomery , Miki Morita , Vesey O'Davoren , Rad Robinson , Hector Sarno , Norma Shearer , Henry Taylor , Phil Tead Genre Comédie musicale Nationalité États-Unis

Critique Ecran Large


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Synopsis Au pays des rêves

The film tells the story of Sylvia, a French teacher at an all-girl school, who wants to find love. When she hears Bill Williams on the radio, she decides to go visit and thank him. However, difficult problems lay ahead when Lili gets in the way.

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