Annie du Klondike

Date de sortie 21/02/1936 (01h20) Titre original Klondike Annie Réalisé par Raoul Walsh Avec Mae West , Victor McLaglen , Phillip Reed , Helen Jerome Eddy , Harry Beresford , Harold Huber , Lucile Gleason , Conway Tearle , Esther Howard , Soo Yong , John Rogers , Ted Oliver , Lawrence Grant , Gene Austin , Vladimar Bykoff Genre Comédie Nationalité États-Unis

Critique Ecran Large


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Synopsis Annie du Klondike

Rose Carlton, a kept woman, kills her benefactor and hops on a boat from San Francisco to the frozen north. She assumes the identity of Annie Alden, a missionary who dies on board on the way to Alaska. Rose/Annie preaches and saves sinners in an unorthodox manner. Meanwhile, Insp Jack Forrest, a Mountie, arrives seeking the murderer of Rose's benefactor....

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