Date de sortie 22/07/1936 (01h20) Titre original Spendthrift Réalisé par Raoul Walsh Avec Henry Fonda , Pat Paterson , Mary Brian , George Barbier , Edward Brophy , Richard Carle , Spencer Charters , June Brewster , Halliwell Hobbes , Jerry Mandy , Miki Morita , Greta Meyer , Robert Strange , Don Brodie , Lester Dorr , Grace Goodall , Jonathan Hale , Russell Hicks , Charles Irwin , Clarence Muse , William Ruhl , Carl Stockdale , Guy Usher , Emmett Vogan , Ruth Warren , Gayne Whitman , J. M. Kerrigan Genre Romance Nationalité États-Unis

Critique Ecran Large


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Synopsis Spendthrift

A profligate, polo-playing playboy (Henry Fonda) is married to a beautiful but superficial heiress (Mary Brian). They divorce, and the wife gets all the money. But the humbled (and impoverished) Fonda finds true love in the arms of Pat Paterson, who cares nothing for material things.

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