St. Louis Blues

Date de sortie 07/04/1958 (01h45) Titre original St. Louis Blues Réalisé par Allen Reisner Avec Nat King Cole , Eartha Kitt , Cab Calloway , Ella Fitzgerald , Mahalia Jackson , Ruby Dee , Juano Hernandez , Teddy Buckner , Barney Bigard , George 'Red' Callender , Lee Young , George Washington , Billy Preston , Pearl Bailey Genre Comédie, Comédie musicale Nationalité États-Unis

Critique Ecran Large


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Synopsis St. Louis Blues

Will Handy grows up in Memphis with his preacher father and his Aunt Hagar. His father intends for him to use his musical gifts only in church, but he can't stay away from the music of the streets and workers. After he writes a theme song for a local politician, Gogo, a speakeasy singer, convinces Will to be her accompanist. Will is estranged from his father for many years while he writes and publishes many blues songs. At last the family is reunited when Gogo brings them to New York to see Will's music played by a symphony orchestra.

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