Le Vagabond des Bois Maudits

Date de sortie 11/11/1959 (01h27) Titre original Hound-Dog Man Réalisé par Don Siegel Avec I Fabian, Betty Field, Stuart Whitman, Arthur O'Connell, Royal Dano, Carol Linley, Edgar Buchanan, Jane Darwell, Virginia Gregg, Hope Summers, Claude Akins, Dodie Stevens, Margo Moore, L.Q. Jones Genre Comédie Nationalité États-Unis

Critique Ecran Large


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Synopsis Le Vagabond des Bois Maudits

A rustic drama set in the early 20th century, Hound Dog Man is the simple story of a young man, Spud Kinney (Dennis Holmes) constantly in hot water for disobeying his mother (Betty Field). The lad should be watching the family farm, but he falls in with his older brother, Clint (pop music's teen heartthrob Fabian), and his reckless buddy Blackie Scantling (Stuart Whitman) who take him hunting in hillbilly country. The boy falls in love with a beautiful mountain girl (Carol Lynley), while Blackie has his own fling with another attractive hillbilly maiden, Nita Stringer (Dodie Stevens), and then becomes mixed up with an older, married woman, Sussie Bell (Margo Moore).

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