Paysage après la Bataille

Date de sortie 14/04/1970 (01h49) Titre original Krajobraz po bitwie Réalisé par Andrzej Wajda Avec Daniel Olbrychski , Stanislawa Celinska , Aleksander Bardini , Tadeusz Janczar , Zygmunt Malanowicz , Mieczyslaw Stoor , Leszek Drogosz , Stefan Friedmann , Jerzy Oblamski , Jerzy Zelnik , Malgorzata Braunek , Anna German , Agnieszka Fitkau-Perepeczko , Alina Szpak , Jozef Pieracki , Andrzej Piszczatowski , Bohdan Tomaszewski , Józef Harasiewicz , Stanisław Michalski , Leonard Mokicz , Konrad Wawrzyniak , Leszek Kowalski Genre Drame Nationalité Pologne

Critique Ecran Large


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Synopsis Paysage après la Bataille

Film opens with the mad rush of haphazard freedom as the concentration camps are liberated. Men are trying to grab food, change clothes, bury their tormentors they find alive. Then they are herded into other camps as the Allies try to devise policy to control the situation. A young poet who cannot quite find himself in this new situation, meets a headstrong Jewish young girl who wants him to run off with her, to the West. He cannot cope with her growing demands for affection, while still harboring the hatred for the Germans and disdain for his fellow men who quickly revert to petty enmities.

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