The Golden Boat

Date de sortie 30/09/1990 (01h23) Titre original The Golden Boat Réalisé par Raúl Ruiz Avec Michael Kirby, Federico Muchnik, Brett Alexander, Mary Hestand, Kathy Acker, Kate Valk, Jim Jarmusch, Barbet Schroeder, Annie Sprinkle, Hisham Bizri, Vito Acconci Genre Comédie dramatique Nationalité États-Unis, Belgique

Critique Ecran Large


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Synopsis The Golden Boat

Inspired in form by American police TV shows and soap operas, The Golden Boat is a madcap, surreal dash through the streets of New York city, telling the mysterious and often hilarious story of an aged street-person named Austin, a comically compulsive assassin, as he joins up with a young rock critic and philosophy student named Israel Williams. In the course of their adventures, Austin pursues his object of desire - a Mexican soap opera star - and along the way engages a host of TV characters and bit players, whose repartee range from gangsterish insults to the question of God's existence.

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