My First Mister

Date de sortie 18/01/2001 (01h49) Titre original My First Mister Réalisé par Christine Lahti Avec Albert Brooks , Leelee Sobieski , John Goodman , I Carol Kane , Desmond Harrington , Natasha Braisewell , Henry Brown , Michael McKean , Rutanya Alda Genre Comédie, Romance Nationalité États-Unis, Allemagne

Critique Ecran Large


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Synopsis My First Mister

Leelee Sobieski is brash, abrasive and vulnerable as a teenage child of divorce who hides her pain behind a mask of hard-edged gothic rebellion. Albert Brooks plays a man who is her total opposite, a precise and well-ordered menswear store owner of forty-nine who manages limited expectations and protects lonely secrets with pleasant ritual and quiet, ironic reserve. These two total opposites collide in conflict then come together in a surprising alliance, changing each other's lives forever.

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