Davey des grands chemins

Date de sortie 10/02/1969 (01h35) Titre original Sinful Davey Réalisé par John Huston Avec John Hurt , Pamela Franklin , Nigel Davenport , Ronald Fraser , Robert Morley , Fidelma Murphy , Maxine Audley , Fionnula Flanagan Genre Comédie Nationalité Royaume-Uni

Critique Ecran Large


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Synopsis Davey des grands chemins

Davey Haggart is quite certain of his paternity (even if nobody else is) and determined to emulate his father, a notorious rogue and highwayman. This includes breaking a man out of Stirling jail, holding up the stagecoach, and robbing the Duke of Argyll, among other feats. Unfortunately, he is handicapped by the fact that his childhood playmate Annie is equally determined to track him down and save his soul...

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