Date de sortie 02/09/1996 (01h36) Titre original Remembrance Réalisé par Bethany Rooney Avec Eva LaRue , Jeffrey Nordling , Angie Dickinson , Michael Lowry , Odette Annable , Tom Kurlander , Natalie Radford , Cecilley Carroll , Jim Calvert Genre Drame Nationalité Royaume-Uni

Critique Ecran Large


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Synopsis Remembrance

To overcome the emotional scars of her own past, Vanessa Fullerton recounts her mother Serena's extraordinary life - and tragic death. Serena marries a dashing U.S. colonel, relinquishing her family's fortune. When her husband dies, an impoverished Serena struggles to care for her young daughter until noted photographer Vasili catapults Serena to fame. But Vasili hides a dangerous secret, a secret that leaves a painful legacy.

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