Changement au village

Date de sortie 21/07/1963 (01h45) Titre original ගම්පෙරලිය Réalisé par Lester James Peries Avec Punya Hiendeniya , Henry Jayasena , Wickrema Bogoda , Trelicia Gunawardena , Gamini Fonseka , Malini Fonseka Genre Drame Nationalité Sri Lanka

Critique Ecran Large


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Synopsis Changement au village

Piyal is a handsome young teacher who is hired to teach English to Nanda, a member of a high class family. They fall in love, but can't elope because Piyal is of a lower class. Nanda's parents instead push her into a marriage with Jinadasa, who is of the same class as them. With economic downturn in Sri Lanka, both families lose their status and Jinadasa leaves to try to make a better life for himself; he never achieves his goal and dies penniless. Piyal and Nanda can now finally come together. They have changed however, and the earlier idylic nature of their relationship is not recaptured.

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