La Force du silence

Date de sortie 22/05/1987 (01h54) Titre original Amazing Grace and Chuck Réalisé par Mike Newell Avec Joshua Zuehlke , Alex English , Jamie Lee Curtis , William Petersen , Gregory Peck , Harvey Martin , I Michael Bowen Genre Drame, Sports Nationalité États-Unis

Critique Ecran Large


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Synopsis La Force du silence

Chuck Murdock, a 12-year-old boy from Montana and son of a military jet pilot, becomes anxious after seeing a Minuteman missile on a school field trip. He protests the existence of nuclear weapons by refusing to play baseball, which results in the forfeit of a Little League game by his team. "Amazing Grace" Smith, a fictional Boston Celtics player, played by NBA star Alex English, decides to join the boy in his protest by resigning from professional basketball. This gives it nationwide coverage, inspiring more pro athletes to join the protest against nuclear weapons. The film reaches a climax when the President of the United States personally meets with Chuck, admiring his resolve but at the same time explaining the practical difficulties of disarmament. Sinister forces, meanwhile, threaten the lives of Amazing Grace and his agent, Lynn.

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