Kicked in the Head

Date de sortie 26/09/1997 (01h27) Titre original Kicked in the Head Réalisé par I Matthew Harrison Avec Kevin Corrigan , Linda Fiorentino , Michael Rapaport , Lili Taylor , James Woods , Burt Young , Olek Krupa , John Ventimiglia , Bianca Hunter , Gary Perez , Lawton Paseka Genre Comédie Nationalité États-Unis

Critique Ecran Large


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Synopsis Kicked in the Head

Redmond is a young guy who can't find what to do with his life. When his uncle Sam gives him the bag to deliver to some uptown connection he fails to do so and it gets them in trouble with Jack, low-key criminal. After that tough guy Stretch wants Redmond to take part in his illegal beer business, but before Redmond gets involved, the business ends in a bad way. Redmond is also having affair with flight attendant Megan.

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