Date de sortie 23/09/2004 (01h35) Titre original Marseille Réalisé par Angela Schanelec Avec Maren Eggert , Alexis Loret , Emily Atef , Marie-Lou Sellem , Devid Striesow , Sophie Aigner , Wolfgang Michael , Friederike Kammer , Louis Schanelec Genre Drame Nationalité Allemagne


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Synopsis Marseille

Sophie, a young photographer, exchanges her apartment with a student from Marseille. It is February and Marseille seems harsh and closed in the bright sun. Sophie dives into the city, she is alone, she takes photographs. In an auto-repair garage, she asks a young mechanic, Pierre, if he can get her a car. Two days later they meet again and spend the evening in a bar, captivated by the lightness of not knowing anything about each other. Sophie is happy. When she returns to Berlin, she is immediately immersed again in her former life. Her love for Ivan, the husband of her best friend Hanna, remains undeclared and the relationship between Hanna and Ivan seems to dominate. Sophie remains on the outside, yearns to leave, and decides to travel to Marseille for a second time.

critique Marseille

Critique : Marseille

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