De la nuée à la résistance

Date de sortie 07/11/1979 (01h44) Titre original Dalla nube alla resistenza Réalisé par Jean-Marie Straub , Danièle Huillet Avec Olimpia Carlisi , Guido Lombardi , Gino Felici , Lori Pelosini , Walter Pardini , Ennio Lauricella , Andrea Bacci , Loris Cavallini , Francesco Ragusa , Fiorangelo Pucci , Dolando Bernardini , Andrea Filippi , Mauro Monni , Carmelo Lacorte , Mario di Mattia , Luigi Giordanello , Paolo Cinanni , Gianni Toti Genre Drame Nationalité Royaume-Uni, France, Italie, Allemagne

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Synopsis De la nuée à la résistance

'Dalla nube alla resistenza (From the Cloud to the Resistance ) (1978), based on two works by Cesare Pavese, falls into the category of History Lessons and Too Early, Too Late as well. It, too, has two parts—a twentieth-century text and a text regarding the myths of antiquity, each set in the appropriate landscape. Pavese's The Moon and the Bonfires looks back on the violent deaths of Italian anti-Fascist resistance fighters; Dialogues with Leucò is a series of dialogues between heroes and gods, connecting myth and history and returning to an ambiguous stage in the creation of distinctions, such as that between animal and human, which are fundamental to grammar and language itself. Such a juxtaposition of political engagement with profoundly contemplative issues such as myth, nature, and meaning points to the characters of Empedocles and Antigone in the Hölderlin films.' (From "Landscapes of resistance. The German Films of Danièle Huillet and Jean-Marie Straub" by Barton Byg)

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