La Cage aux minets

Date de sortie 23/01/1976 (01h40) Titre original Bordella Réalisé par Pupi Avati Avec Al Lettieri , Gigi Proietti , Christian De Sica , Gianni Cavina , Taryn Power , Vladek Sheybal , I George Eastman , Maurizio Bonuglia , Rosemarie Lindt , Greta Vayan , Giselda Castrini , Alida Cappellini Genre Comédie, Musical Nationalité Italie

Critique Ecran Large


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Synopsis La Cage aux minets

The United States of America, after the great success of Vietnam, Watergate and so on, have decided to expand their activities in Italy. Mr. Chips has chosen Eddie Mordace to open the Italian branch of the multinational American Love Company. So Eddie opens in Milan a small branch of the Company whose purpose is to comfort women. Eddie hires Simbad, Adone and later, when business starts to go well, Ugolino, a real Count, and Ivanoe, a raper, who becames the attraction of the House.

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