Where God Left His Shoes

Date de sortie 27/04/2007 (01h36) Titre original Where God Left His Shoes Réalisé par Salvatore Stabile Avec John Leguizamo , Leonor Varela , David Castro , Samantha M. Rose , Dave Salerno , Jerry Ferrara , Adriane Lenox , Manny Perez , Chance Kelly , Cheryl Freeman Genre Drame Nationalité États-Unis

Critique Ecran Large


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Synopsis Where God Left His Shoes

When Frank, Angela, and their two children are evicted from their New York City apartment, they have no choice but to move into a homeless shelter. After a few difficult months, good news comes their way on Christmas Eve: a nearby housing project has an apartment available immediately-however, Frank needs a job on the books in order to qualify

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