The Elephant King

Date de sortie 26/04/2006 (01h32) Titre original The Elephant King Réalisé par Seth Grossman Avec Ellen Burstyn , Tate Ellington , Florence Faivre , Jonno Roberts , Josef Sommer , Debra Azar Genre Drame, Romance Nationalité États-Unis, Thaïlande

Critique Ecran Large


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Synopsis The Elephant King

The story of two brothers who lead totally different lives. Jake Hunt enjoys life to the fullest in Thailand, while his shy brother Oliver deals with his own depressions back home in the USA. Their dominant mother wants Jake back home and for this reason, Oliver is sent to Thailand to retrieve his brother. Once there, Oliver finds himself in Jake's bizarre life and falls in love with a beautiful girl, Lek. However, it is not a coincidence that she and Oliver have met

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