L'Amérique secrète... / L'Amérique interdite 2

Date de sortie 05/09/1980 (01h42) Titre original This Is America Part 2 Réalisé par Romano Vanderbes Avec Jello Biafra , Alice Cooper , Charles Manson , Vanessa del Rio , I Veronica Hart , Bo Diddley , Kandi Barbour , Ron Jeremy , Candida Royalle Genre Documentaire Nationalité États-Unis

Critique Ecran Large



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Synopsis L'Amérique secrète... / L'Amérique interdite 2

The sequel to This is America, aka Jabberwalk. This film goes inside the real America circa 1980 - a world of punks, orgies and worm-eating hicks! Romano Vanderbes back on the film making side and Norman Rose back on narrating duty for the second of the This Is America trilogy. Things kick off slightly louder this time with a performance by The Dictators doing a version of America the Beautiful while the titles role, then right into piece about punk star Jello Biafra of the Dead Kennedy's running for mayor of San Francisco. Then back into a more This Is America feeling segment about a crazy fat bloke called Captain Sticky. Among some of the other more interesting segments we get a look at underground vagrants, a piranha attack, martial arts nuns, a family of worm eaters, a drug abusing church and ends with a death row electrocution.

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