Blood Creek

Date de sortie 14/03/2006 Au cinéma (01h30) Titre original Blood Creek Réalisé par Sean Cisterna Avec David Dineen-Porter , Ryan Tonkin , Angelica Montesano , Ashley Morris , Perry Mucci , Scott Cameron Genre Fantastique, Thriller Nationalité États-Unis

Critique Ecran Large



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Synopsis Blood Creek

According to a popular magazine, the 58th spookiest place in the world is the Ashbrooke Barn in the small town known as Blood Creek. Local legend states that if you perform a specific ritual in the barn and the old house up the road, you'll see visions of Zeke Ashbrooke, a farmer who went mad and hung himself, his wife and children. Rumour has it that Zeke's wife - now known as The Dark Lady - still roams the woods of Blood Creek. This summer five young campers will venture to Blood Creek and accept a dare that could cost them their lives.

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