Petites révélations

Date de sortie 20/05/2006 (00h55) Titre original Petites révélations Réalisé par Marie Vermillard Avec Marilyne Canto , Antoine Chappey , Simon Abkarian , Hiam Abbass , Geneviève Tenne , Zinedine Soualem Genre Expérimental Nationalité France

Critique Ecran Large


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Synopsis Petites révélations

"The choice of each period is intimate, as each period awakens a particular emotion in me. This emotion reflects what is around me, not everyone is able to recognise it -- that is the risk I take. I think that this is good enough reason to make a film that will make visible small yet revealing things in differeent ways. I believe in tropisms and that is what interests me in this film." -- Marie Vermillard [taken from London Film Festival 2006 catalogue]

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