Super-Héros Movie

Acteurs et actrices

Drake Bell Rôle : Dragonfly
Sara Paxton Rôle : Jill Johnson
Christopher McDonald Rôle : Lou Landers
Leslie Nielsen Rôle : Uncle Albert Adams
Kevin Hart Rôle : Trey
Marion Ross Rôle : Aunt Lucille
Ryan Hansen Rôle : Lance Landers
Keith David Rôle : The Chief of Police
Et aussi :
  • Dr. Strom Dr. Strom Brent Spiner
  • Dr. Hawking Dr. Hawking Robert Joy
  • Dr. Whitby Dr. Whitby Jeffrey Tambor
  • Blaine Riker Blaine Riker I Robert Hays
  • Julia Riker Julia Riker Nicole Sullivan
  • Young Rick Young Rick Sam Cohen
  • Professor Xavier Professor Xavier Tracy Morgan
  • Mrs. Xavier Mrs. Xavier Regina Hall
  • Storm Storm Marisa Lauren
  • Wolverine (scenes deleted) Wolverine (scenes deleted) Craig Bierko
  • Leg-Shaving Wolverine Leg-Shaving Wolverine Richard Tillman
  • The Human Torch The Human Torch Simon Rex
  • Carlson Carlson Dan Castellaneta
  • Stretchy Boy Stretchy Boy Atom Gorelick
  • Stretchy Girl Stretchy Girl Alison Woods
  • Sneezo Sneezo Eric Artell
  • Barry Bonds Barry Bonds Sean Simms
  • Invisible Girl Invisible Girl Pamela Anderson
  • Tom Cruise Tom Cruise Miles Fisher
  • Matthews Matthews Brian Carpenter
  • Bank Robber Bank Robber Vincent Larusso
  • "Gimme your wallet" "Gimme your wallet" Michael Papajohn
  • "Dr. Hawking, I am such a fan" "Dr. Hawking, I am such a fan" Anna Osceola
  • Actual Editor Actual Editor Rod McLachlan
  • Lunatic Editor Lunatic Editor John Getz
  • Jill's Mother Jill's Mother Charlene Tilton
  • "Mr. Landers!" "Mr. Landers!" Jenica Bergere
  • Reporter Ed Reporter Ed Byrne Offutt
  • Undertaker Undertaker Vic Polizos
  • "Well, an old guy did get shot over there" "Well, an old guy did get shot over there" Daryl J. Johnson
  • News Anchor News Anchor Kent Shocknek
  • Principal Principal Amanda Carlin
  • Dead Blonde Woman's Husband Dead Blonde Woman's Husband Clay Greenbush
  • Bank Loan Officer Bank Loan Officer Kurt Fuller
  • Paperclip Guy Paperclip Guy Seth McCook
  • "Okay, I come back" "Okay, I come back" Craig Mazin
  • Onlooker #1 Onlooker #1 Jonathan Chase
  • Onlooker #2 Onlooker #2 Kourtney Kaas
  • Truck Driver Truck Driver Karlton Johnson
  • "Thanks for the loan, Mr. Thompson" "Thanks for the loan, Mr. Thompson" Charles Woods Gray
  • Live Reporter Live Reporter Wendy L. Walsh
  • King of Sweden King of Sweden Ian Patrick Williams
  • "Take me...." "Take me...." Elisabeth Noone
  • Dalai Lama Dalai Lama Aki Aleong
  • Nelson Mandela Nelson Mandela Howard Mungo
  • Bishop Tutu Bishop Tutu I David McKnight
  • Tony Bennett Tony Bennett Freddie Pierce
  • Nerdy Dragonfly Nerdy Dragonfly Steve Monroe
  • Asian Hourglass Asian Hourglass Jeremiah Hu
  • "Excuse me, there's a line!" "Excuse me, there's a line!" Matt Champagne
  • Mourner Mourner Susan Breslau
  • Police Officer Police Officer Nick Kiriazis
  • Dead Blonde Woman Dead Blonde Woman Aubrie Lemon
  • Convenience Store Owner Convenience Store Owner Ajay Mehta
  • Xavier's Son Xavier's Son Cameron Ali Sims
  • Xavier's Daughter Xavier's Daughter Lil' Kim
  • The Guy Who Wipes Wolverine's Ass (scenes deleted) The Guy Who Wipes Wolverine's Ass (scenes deleted) Jordan Rubin
  • Student (uncredited) Student (uncredited) Shanna Beauchamp
  • YouTube User (uncredited) YouTube User (uncredited) James J. Burke
  • HS Student (uncredited) HS Student (uncredited) Kristen Endow
  • Kid in the Orange Beanie (uncredited) Kid in the Orange Beanie (uncredited) Timothy Farmer
  • Pink Superhero (uncredited) Pink Superhero (uncredited) Whitney Ann Jenkins
  • Shaolin Monk (uncredited) Shaolin Monk (uncredited) James Lew
  • Security Man (uncredited) Security Man (uncredited) Alan Mueting
  • Chicken Man (uncredited) Chicken Man (uncredited) Gene Richards
  • Xavier's Older Son (uncredited) Xavier's Older Son (uncredited) Marque Richardson
  • Bandit in Alley (uncredited) Bandit in Alley (uncredited) Thomas Rosales Jr.
  • Student (uncredited) Student (uncredited) Jeffry Tamara
  • Award Presenter (uncredited) Award Presenter (uncredited) Manu Toigo
  • Neo-Batgirl (uncredited) Neo-Batgirl (uncredited) Julie Van


Craig Mazin Rôle : Director


Craig Mazin Rôle : Screenplay


Bob Weinstein Rôle : Executive Producer
Harvey Weinstein Rôle : Executive Producer
Robert K. Weiss Rôle : Producer
David Zucker Rôle : Producer
Craig Mazin Rôle : Producer
Matthew Stein Rôle : Executive Producer