These Foolish Things

Date de sortie 10/03/2006 (01h47) Titre original These Foolish Things Réalisé par Julia Taylor-Stanley Avec Anjelica Huston , Lauren Bacall , Terence Stamp , Andrew Lincoln , Zoë Tapper , Charlotte Lucas , Roy Dotrice , Julia McKenzie , Joanna David , Graham Seed , Craig Rooke , Mark Umbers , David Leon , Gillian Hawser , Joss Ackland Genre Drame, Romance Nationalité Royaume-Uni

Critique Ecran Large


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Synopsis These Foolish Things

As war looms on the horizon, a hopeful ingenue (Zoe Tapper) finds herself caught between the warring affections of a playwright (David Leon) and a director (Andrew Lincoln) in 1930s London. Director Julia Taylor-Stanley's heartwarming ensemble piece features zesty performances by Anjelica Huston as an eccentric investor, Mark Umbers as a vain matinee idol, and Terence Stamp as a tart butler. And don't miss the immortal Lauren Bacall in a small role.

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