The Venice Project

Date de sortie 09/09/1999 (01h26) Titre original The Venice Project Réalisé par Robert Dornhelm Avec Lauren Bacall, Dennis Hopper, Linus Roache, Ben Cross, Stuart Townsend, Hector Babenco, Dean Stockwell, I John Wood, Stockard Channing, Parker Posey, Cheech Marin, Lauren Hutton, John Guare, Steve Martin Genre Drame Nationalité États-Unis, Autriche

Critique Ecran Large


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Synopsis The Venice Project

In this witty drama, the future of art is examined from two vantage points: the years 1699 and 1999. Roland (Dennis Hopper) is an avant-garde artist in Venice, California whose sister, Countess Camilla Volta (Lauren Bacall), lives on their family's estate in Venice, Italy. Their father, The Viscount (John Wood), is near death, and he announces, to the disappointment of both his offspring, that his home and priceless collection of art have been bequeathed to the Italian government.

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