Date de sortie 12/05/1994 (01h40) Titre original F.T.W. Réalisé par Michael Karbelnikoff Avec Mickey Rourke, Lori Singer, I Brion James, Peter Berg, Rodney A. Grant, Aaron Neville, Frank P. Costanza, Charlie Sexton, Mark Pellegrino, John Enos III, Dan Stringari Genre Drame Nationalité États-Unis

Critique Ecran Large


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Synopsis F.T.W.

A man and a woman running from their pasts are trapped on a collision course with the future. Frank T. Wells, a newly-released ex-con looking for a few acres of freedom on the rodeo circuit. Scarlett Stuart, a wild beautiful woman on the run from a bank robbery gone desperately wrong. Together they will explore their own personal vision of the American Dream.

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