New Délire

Date de sortie 20/01/2007 (01h20) Titre original New Délire Réalisé par Eric Le Roch Avec Pascal Légitimus, Hélène de Fougerolles, Mathilda May, Simon Abkarian, Serge Hazanavicius, Kader Khan Genre Comédie Nationalité France


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Synopsis New Délire

Take a Bollywood film--a good Bolllywood film--with action, emotion, suspense, and laughter. With Indian actors who act, dance, sing and smother themselves with tomato sauce when feigning a bloody head wound. Now, watch the image with the sound turned down! And let Pascal Legitimus and Eric Le Roch re-invent a story, recreate the sounds and the atmosphere, rewrite the lyrics to the songs. They'll give a new meaning to the film, helped in doing so by many well-known actors, who'll lend their voices to the Indian actors on screen. This diversion isn't a danger to your health. You simply risk killing yourself laughing!

critique New Délire

Critique : New délire

Le concept de New délire est assez simple : à
partir d'un long-métrage indien de 4 heures, l'équipe du film a raccourci,
remonté et réenregistré les

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