Diary of the Dead : Chroniques des morts-vivants

Acteurs et actrices

Michelle Morgan Rôle : Debra Moynihan
Joshua Close Rôle : Jason Creed
Shawn Roberts Rôle : Tony Ravello
Amy Lalonde Rôle : Tracy Thurman
Joe Dinicol Rôle : Eliot Stone
Scott Wentworth Rôle : Andrew Maxwell
Philip Riccio Rôle : Ridley Wilmott
Chris Violette Rôle : Gordo Thorsen
Et aussi :
  • Mary Dexter Mary Dexter Tatiana Maslany
  • Brody Brody Todd Schroeder
  • Bree Bree Laura de Carteret
  • Stranger Stranger Martin Roach
  • Police Officer Police Officer Daniel Kash
  • Francine Shane Francine Shane Megan Park
  • Tattooed Biker Tattooed Biker George Buza
  • News Anchor News Anchor Tino Monte
  • Zombie Trooper Zombie Trooper Matt Birman
  • Zombie Surgeon Zombie Surgeon Gregory Nicotero
  • Zombie Nurse Zombie Nurse Donna Croce
  • I.V. Zombie I.V. Zombie Nick Alachiotis
  • Samuel Samuel R. D. Reid
  • Birthday Party Father Birthday Party Father Scott Gibson
  • Birthday Girl Birthday Girl Jamie Bloch
  • Bupkes the Clown Bupkes the Clown Kyle Glencross
  • White Man White Man Boyd Banks
  • Cell Phone Woman Cell Phone Woman Janet Lo
  • Billy Billy Jack Birman
  • Dead Mrs. Moynahan Dead Mrs. Moynahan Trish Adams
  • Colonel Colonel Alan Van Sprang
  • Elderly Man Elderly Man Ron Payne
  • Elderly Woman Elderly Woman Ron Payne
  • Trooper Trooper James Binkley
  • Zombie (uncredited) Zombie (uncredited) Antoinette Cancelliere
  • Newsreader (voice) (uncredited) Newsreader (voice) (uncredited) Wes Craven
  • Zombie (uncredited) Zombie (uncredited) Alexandria DeFabiis
  • Newsreader (voice) (uncredited) Newsreader (voice) (uncredited) Guillermo del Toro
  • Shopping Cart Zombie (uncredited) Shopping Cart Zombie (uncredited) Ara Katz
  • Newsreader (voice) (uncredited) Newsreader (voice) (uncredited) Stephen King
  • Zombie (uncredited) Zombie (uncredited) Mani Nasry
  • Newsreader (voice) (uncredited) Newsreader (voice) (uncredited) Simon Pegg
  • Police Chief Arthur Katz (uncredited) Police Chief Arthur Katz (uncredited) George A. Romero
  • Man Shouting on Radio 'Shoot in the Head' (voice) (uncredited) Man Shouting on Radio 'Shoot in the Head' (voice) (uncredited) Tom Savini
  • Newsreader (voice) (uncredited) Newsreader (voice) (uncredited) Quentin Tarantino


George A. Romero Rôle : Director


George A. Romero Rôle : Screenplay


Ara Katz Rôle : Producer
Peter Grunwald Rôle : Producer
Sam Englebardt Rôle : Producer
Art Spigel Rôle : Producer