La fille de l'air

Date de sortie 26/05/1992 (01h43) Titre original La fille de l'air Réalisé par Maroun Bagdadi Avec Béatrice Dalle , Thierry Fortineau , Hippolyte Girardot , Roland Bertin , Jean-Claude Dreyfus , Catherine Jacob Genre Drame, Thriller Nationalité France

Critique Ecran Large


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Synopsis La fille de l'air

Who would have expected Brigitte to marry a prisoner with a long sentence in the first place? In this romantic action movie, that is only the first in a long line of surprising actions by the young woman. Somehow, she manages to get hooked to the young prisoner before realizing that he'll be locked up for another three or four decades. She decides that this is much too long to wait to spend time with her sweetheart and decides to learn how to fly a helicopter. Why? So she can fly in and take him out of his prison yard, which is exactly what she does, thrilling romantics all over France and seriously upsetting the authorities. This award-winning film is based on a true incident from 1986.

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