L'homme de ma vie

Date de sortie 03/06/1992 (01h43) Titre original L'homme de ma vie Réalisé par Jean-Charles Tacchella Avec Maria de Medeiros , Thierry Fortineau , Jean-Pierre Bacri , Anne Létourneau , Ginette Garcin , Ginette Tacchella , Alain Doutey , Alix De Konopka , Carméla Valente , Bertrand Lacy , Emmanuelle Oriheul , Samuel Sogno Genre Comédie romantique Nationalité Canada, France

Critique Ecran Large


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Synopsis L'homme de ma vie

A delightfully classic French comedy of high sophistication and light hearted wit, that in the end suffers for it. This is immensely watchable simply for the presence of Maria De Medeiros, the central two of the film are captivating. What spoils it is the stereotypical and under developed second characters and an overly wistful outlook. But I defy any man watching this film not to fall madly for Aimee and everyone will cherish the scenes between Aimee and Maurice.

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