La sagrada familia

Date de sortie 01/09/2005 (01h39) Titre original La sagrada familia Réalisé par Sebastián Lelio Avec Néstor Cantillana , I Patricia López , I Sergio Hernández , Coca Guazzini , Macarena Teke , Mauricio Diocares , Juan Pablo Miranda Genre Drame Nationalité Chili

Critique Ecran Large


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Synopsis La sagrada familia

It's Easter in the beach house of a Chilean well-to-do and nowadays family. A self-centered and successful father, a disoriented mother and a son overshadowed by his successful father. The three of them, wait for the arrival of the son's first official girlfriend; a disturbing and rebellious young lady who will invade the house with her powerful sexual load and other "gifts", breaking loose an emotional cataclysm with no stepping back.

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