Pionniers à Ingolstadt

Date de sortie 19/05/1971 (01h24) Titre original Pioniere in Ingolstadt Réalisé par Rainer Werner Fassbinder Avec Hanna Schygulla, Harry Baer, Irm Hermann, Klaus Löwitsch, Ulli Lommel, Günther Kaufmann, Carla Egerer, Walter Sedlmayr, Rudolf Waldemar Brem, Ulli Lommel, Gunter Krää, Elga Sorbas, Kurt Raab Genre Nationalité Allemagne

Critique Ecran Large


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Synopsis Pionniers à Ingolstadt

German filmmaker Rainer Werner Fassbinder directs the made-for-TV melodrama Pioneers in Ingolstadt, based on the play by Marieluise Fleisser. The film opens as a parade of soldiers are marching through a town square singing patriotic songs. Alma (Irm Hermann) and Berta (Hanna Schygulla) are watching them and musing about their ideas on men and relationships. The soldiers (often referred to as pioneers) have been given the task of building a bridge in the town. Alma seems to understand that the soldiers only want her for short sexual encounters, so she's prepared to live her life accordingly. Meanwhile, romantic Berta falls in love with self-centered soldier Karl (Harry Baer), who all but tells her to get lost. The soldiers get drunk and beat up a random passerby. The women grow to hate Alma for her acceptance of life as a sex object. Naïve Berta is ultimately humiliated.

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