La couleur des mots

Date de sortie 12/06/1984 (01h03) Titre original La couleur des mots Réalisé par Jérôme Beaujour , Jean Mascolo Avec Marguerite Duras , Dominique Noguez , Delphine Seyrig , Carlos d'Alessio , Bruno Nuytten , Michael Lonsdale Genre Drame Nationalité Belgique

Critique Ecran Large


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Synopsis La couleur des mots

This afterword to India Song (Duras' celebrated 1975 film) is organized in several parts. It begins with an interview to Marguerite Duras by Dominique Noguez, an expert in her work; the interview links the film to the two movies whom it's related to: The Ravishment of Lol V. Stein and The Vice-Consul. Several themes are tackled: childhood, autobiographical traces, relationships between differents characters and different films and more. India Song's main actors — Delphine Seyrig and Michael Lonsdale, who played Anne-Marie Stretter and the French vice-consul — join the conversation and talk about their roles and their craft. Marguerite Duras then evokes her memories of the shooting with the composer Carlos D'Alessio and her camera operato Bruno Nuytten. The conversations are punctuated by clips of the film.

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