La Propriétaire

Date de sortie 09/09/1996 (01h53) Titre original The Proprietor Réalisé par Ismail Merchant Avec Jeanne Moreau, Sean Young, Sam Waterston, Christopher Cazenove, Nell Carter, Jean-Pierre Aumont, Austin Pendleton, Charlotte de Turckheim, Pierre Vaneck, Marc Tissot, Josh Hamilton, Joanna Adler, James Naughton, J. Smith-Cameron, Michael Bergin Genre Drame Nationalité États-Unis, Royaume-Uni, France

Critique Ecran Large


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Synopsis La Propriétaire

Adrienne Mark (Jeanne Moreau) is the most acclaimed French novelist of her generation, whose best known work, Je M'Appelle France, was an international best-seller made into an award-winning French film (and a disastrous Americanized remake). Adrienne is living in New York City when she learns that the flat in Paris where she grew up (as Adrienne Markowsky) is up for sale. Looking for a key to her past, she buys the apartment and discovers a cache of letters written by her late mother. Adrienne's mother died in a Nazi concentration camp during WWII, but while she's been led to believe that her mother was betrayed while working with the resistance, the letters suggest that the truth was far more troubling. Along the way, Adrienne is romantically pursued by a young fan, William O'Hara (Josh Hamilton), though he instead finds love with Virginia Kelly (Sean Young), an American film producer eager to work with the great writer.

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