Girls Will Be Girls

Date de sortie 05/07/2003 (01h19) Titre original Girls Will Be Girls Réalisé par Richard Day Avec Jack Plotnick, Miss Coco Peru, Jeffery Roberson, Ron Mathews, Jeffery Roberson Genre Comédie Nationalité États-Unis


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Synopsis Girls Will Be Girls

The confessional, behind-the-scenes showbiz melodrama goes under the knife — so to speak — in this drag comedy. "Girls Will Be Girls" casts three male performers in the roles of Evie Harris (Jack Plotnick), a has-been starlet of the '70s who has since gone to seed in her decaying Hollywood home; her best friend and domestic servant, Coco (Clinton Leupp); and Varla (Jeffrey Roberson), the daughter of a deceased peer/rival of Evie's who shows up to rent out a room in her home. The tension among the trio of women escalates as Evie prepares for a pull-out-all-the-stops television special commemorating her past career glories, which include sundry disaster movies and TV variety shows. What Evie doesn't know is that the naïve-seeming Varla has a debt to settle for her deceased mom, and will stop at nothing to seek vengeance.

critique Girls Will Be Girls

Critique : Girls will be girls

Trashy et flashy à mort, ode au kitsch et à John Waters, Girls will be girls est sans conteste le film le plus fun de la semaine. Mené d'un bout à l'autre par

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