Suivez Cet Avion

Date de sortie 26/05/1989 Titre original Suivez Cet Avion Réalisé par Patrice Ambard Avec Lambert Wilson , Isabelle Gélinas , Claude Piéplu , Clovis Cornillac , Maria Meriko , François Berléand Genre Drame Nationalité France

Critique Ecran Large


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Synopsis Suivez Cet Avion

In this screwball crime comedy, a perfectly innocent computer jockey (Lambert Wilson) becomes the prime suspect in a bank robbery. Among the tribulations he must suffer is that the real culprit is his landlady. Another source of suffering for the poor man is his extremely strong-willed mother, whose wants must be catered to. Meanwhile, he is being rabidly pursued by one of his female coworkers, who has taken a shine to him.

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