A fleur de peau

Acteurs et actrices

Peter Gallagher Rôle : Michael Chambers
Alison Elliott Rôle : Rachel
William Fichtner Rôle : Tommy Dundee
Adam Trese Rôle : David Chambers
Joe Don Baker Rôle : Clay Hinkle
Paul Dooley Rôle : Ed Dutton
Shelley Duvall Rôle : Nurse
Elisabeth Shue Rôle : Susan Crenshaw
Et aussi :
  • Guard Casey Guard Casey Harry Goaz
  • Ember Doorman Ember Doorman Richard Linklater
  • Mrs. Chambers Mrs. Chambers Anjanette Comer
  • Guard Tom Guard Tom I Dennis Hill
  • Guard George Guard George Mark Feltch
  • Hinkle's Assistant Hinkle's Assistant Jules Sharp
  • Mantrap Guard Mantrap Guard Kenneth D. Harris
  • Michael's Partner Michael's Partner Vincent Gaskins
  • Turret Operator Turret Operator Cliff Haby
  • Ember Waitress Ember Waitress Tonie Perensky
  • Ember Bartender Ember Bartender Randall Brady
  • Susan's Friend Susan's Friend Helen Cates
  • VIP Room Flunky VIP Room Flunky Kevin Crutchfield
  • Man Delivering Money Man Delivering Money Brad Leland
  • Justice of the Peace Justice of the Peace John Martin
  • BonaFide Delivery Person BonaFide Delivery Person Ck McFarland
  • TV Delivery Man TV Delivery Man Rick Perkins
  • TV Delivery Man TV Delivery Man Paul Wright
  • Satellite Dish Installer Satellite Dish Installer David Jensen (II)
  • TV Sports Reporter TV Sports Reporter Jordy Hultberg
  • Detective Detective Steve Shearer
  • Detective's Partner Detective's Partner Fred Ellis
  • Mr. Rodman Mr. Rodman Joe Chrest
  • Embers V.I.P. (uncredited) Embers V.I.P. (uncredited) Mike Enright
  • Bar Patron (uncredited) Bar Patron (uncredited) I Mark Hanson
  • Angry Bar Patron (uncredited) Angry Bar Patron (uncredited) Matthew Hurley
  • Smoking Guy at Concert (uncredited) Smoking Guy at Concert (uncredited) Mike Malone
  • Ember Clubgoer (uncredited) Ember Clubgoer (uncredited) Christopher K. Philippo
  • Guy at Concert (uncredited) Guy at Concert (uncredited) Ryan Wickerham


Steven Soderbergh Rôle : Director


Steven Soderbergh Rôle : Screenplay
Daniel Fuchs Rôle : Screenplay


John Hardy Rôle : Producer
Lionel Wigram Rôle : Executive Producer
Joshua Donen Rôle : Executive Producer
William Reid Rôle : Executive Producer