Casting Forrest Gump

Acteurs et actrices

Tom Hanks Rôle : Forrest Gump
Robin Wright Rôle : Jenny Curran
Gary Sinise Rôle : Dan Taylor
Mykelti Williamson Rôle : Bubba
Sally Field Rôle : Mrs. Gump
Michael Conner Humphreys Rôle : Young Forrest Gump
Hanna Hall Rôle : Young Jenny Curran
Haley Joel Osment Rôle : Forrest Gump Jr.
Et aussi :
  • School Bus Driver School Bus Driver Siobhan Fallon
  • Drill Sergeant Drill Sergeant Afemo Omilami
  • Young Elvis Presley Young Elvis Presley Peter Dobson
  • College Football Coach College Football Coach Sonny Shroyer
  • Barber Barber George Kelly
  • Principal Principal I Sam Anderson
  • Louise Louise Margo Moorer
  • Boy with cross Boy with cross Christopher Jones
  • Jenny's Father Jenny's Father Kevin Mangan
  • High School Football Coach High School Football Coach Brett Rice
  • Recruiter Recruiter Daniel C. Striepeke
  • Newscaster Newscaster David Brisbin
  • Earl Earl Kirk Ward
  • Bubba's Mother Bubba's Mother Marlena Smalls
  • Bubba's Great Grandmother Bubba's Great Grandmother Kitty K. Green
  • Jenny's Date Jenny's Date Mark Matheisen
  • Local Anchor #1 Local Anchor #1 Al Harrington
  • Local Anchor #2 Local Anchor #2 Joe Washington
  • John F. Kennedy (voice) John F. Kennedy (voice) Jed Gillin
  • Army Recruiter Army Recruiter Don Fischer
  • Barracks Recruit Barracks Recruit Matt Wallace
  • Club Patron Club Patron Mike Jolly
  • Club Patron Club Patron Michael Kemmerling
  • Club Patron Club Patron John Voldstad
  • Helicopter Gunman Helicopter Gunman Daniel J. Gillooly
  • Cleveland Cleveland Michael Burgess
  • Tex Tex Steven Griffith
  • Army Hospital Male Nurse Army Hospital Male Nurse Michael McFall
  • Wounded soldier Wounded soldier Byron Minns
  • Wounded Soldier Wounded Soldier Steve DeRelian
  • Army Nurse Army Nurse Bonnie Ann Burgess
  • Hospital Officer Hospital Officer Stephen Bridgewater
  • President Johnson (voice) President Johnson (voice) John William Galt
  • Isabel Isabel Isabel Rose
  • Abbie Hoffman Abbie Hoffman Richard D'Alessandro
  • Black Panther Black Panther Kevin Davis
  • Black Panther Black Panther Michael Jace
  • Wesley Wesley Geoffrey Blake
  • Hollywood Boulevard Girlfriend Hollywood Boulevard Girlfriend Vanessa Roth
  • Hollywood Boulevard Girlfriend Hollywood Boulevard Girlfriend Emily Carey
  • Dick Cavett Dick Cavett Dick Cavett
  • Carla Carla Tiffany Salerno
  • Lenore Lenore Marla Sucharetza
  • President Nixon (voice) President Nixon (voice) Joe Alaskey
  • Discharge Officer Discharge Officer Lazarus Jackson
  • Drugged Out Boyfriend Drugged Out Boyfriend Matt Rebenkoff
  • Elderly Southern Woman Elderly Southern Woman Nora Dunfee
  • Waitress in cafe Waitress in cafe Hallie D'Amore
  • Taxi Driver Taxi Driver Michael Mattison
  • Aging Hippie Aging Hippie Charles Boswell
  • Wild Eyed Man Wild Eyed Man Timothy McNeil
  • Crony Crony Bob Penny
  • Football Player (uncredited) Football Player (uncredited) Greg Brown
  • Cheerleader (uncredited) Cheerleader (uncredited) Troy Christian
  • Football Coach (uncredited) Football Coach (uncredited) Bryan Hanna
  • Barracks Recruit (uncredited) Barracks Recruit (uncredited) Zach Hanner
  • National Guardsman (uncredited) National Guardsman (uncredited) Aaron Michael Lacey
  • Football Fan (uncredited) Football Fan (uncredited) Jacqueline Lovell
  • Football Player (uncredited) Football Player (uncredited) Brendan Shanahan
  • Black Panther (uncredited) Black Panther (uncredited) William Shipman
  • Nicholas Katzenbach (uncredited) Nicholas Katzenbach (uncredited) Robb Skyler
  • Jenny's Babysitter (uncredited) Jenny's Babysitter (uncredited) Mary Ellen Trainor
  • Elvis Presley (voice) (uncredited) Elvis Presley (voice) (uncredited) Kurt Russell
  • Club Patron (uncredited) Club Patron (uncredited) Jeffrey Winner


Robert Zemeckis Rôle : Director


Eric Roth Rôle : Screenplay


Wendy Finerman Rôle : Producer
Steve Tisch Rôle : Producer
Steve Starkey Rôle : Producer