Vento di terra

Date de sortie 14/09/2004 Titre original Vento di terra Réalisé par Vincenzo Marra Avec Vincenzo Pacilli , Giovanna Ribera , Francesco Giuffrida , Edoardo Melone , Vincenza Modica , Francesco Di Leva Genre Drame Nationalité Italie

Critique Ecran Large


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Synopsis Vento di terra

Vento Di Terra (wind of the earth) is an Italian film about an 18 year old boy (Vicenzo Pacilli) from a poor suburb of Napoli, Italy who finds himself burdened by expectations of supporting his mother after his father dies from an unexpected heart attack. Working in a blue-collar factory job, Vince soon finds that he does not have enough money to support himself, let alone his frail recently widowed mother. His sister departs to Cassano to finally end her employment drought by getting a job in the local FIAT factory. Vince is left alone to support his mother. He gets involved in a heist, and then out of guilt confesses his sin to a close family friend, who suggests he joins the Italian army. In the army Vince meets a new found friend through his training period, and they are soon deployed together to the war torn state of Kosovo in the Former Yugoslavia, where he is exposed to the brutality of war.

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