Un rêve tchèque

Date de sortie 30/03/2004 (01h30) Titre original Český sen Réalisé par Filip Remunda, Vit Klusak Avec Varhan Orchestrovič Bauer, Jaromír Kalina , Vit Klusak, Martin Přikryl, Filip Remunda, Eva Williams, Alexander Hemala Genre Documentaire Nationalité République tchèque

Critique Ecran Large


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Synopsis Un rêve tchèque

Two students from the Czech Film Academy commission a leading advertising agency to organize a huge campaign for the opening of a new supermarket named Czech Dream. The supermarket however does not exist and is not meant to. The advertising campaign includes radio and television ads, posters, flyers with photos of fake Czech Dream products, a promotional song, an internet site, and ads in newspapers and magazines. Will people believe in it and show up for the grand opening?

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