Smoking Room

Date de sortie 27/04/2002 (01h28) Titre original Smoking Room Réalisé par Julio D. Wallovits , Roger Gual Avec Eduard Fernández , Antonio Dechent , Francesc Garrido , Francesc Orella , I Juan Diego , Manuel Morón , Chete Lera , Ulises Dumont , Pep Molina , Miguel Ángel González Genre Drame Nationalité Espagne

Critique Ecran Large


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Synopsis Smoking Room

The Spanish branch of an American company is obliged to enforce the ban on smoking in their offices. From now on, those who want to smoke during working hours must do so in the street. Ramirez, one of the employees of this small office composed mainly of men, decides to begin collecting signatures against what he considers unfair. What Ramirez intends is to be use an unoccupied office as smoking room

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