Au large de Bad Ragaz

Date de sortie 18/08/2020 Titre original Au large de Bad Ragaz Réalisé par - Avec - Genre Thriller Nationalité Suisse

Critique Ecran Large


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Synopsis Au large de Bad Ragaz

Alex, a professional tourist guide, is asked to welcome Sacha,a young woman of Russian extraction. She has participated in a contest and, consequently, won a one-week stay in Geneva. From the outset, the young woman shakes up Alex's plans and drags him along with her through a risky and hazardous treasure-hunt at the confines of Eastern Switzerland. Wanted by the police and hunted down by the mafia, Alex and Sacha decide to shake off their pursuers by moving about more slowly than the others: they then advance through lakes and other roundabout ways. While Alex and Sacha sink deeply into an ever stranger Switzerland, they will observe, discover, oppose and finally love each other to the vanishing point.