La Niña santa

Date de sortie 06/05/2004 (01h46) Titre original La niña santa Réalisé par Lucrecia Martel Avec Mercedes Morán , Carlos Belloso , Alejandro Urdapilleta , Maria Alché , Julieta Zylberberg , Mía Maestro , Marta Lubos , Arturo Goetz , Alejo Mango , Mónica Villa Genre Drame Nationalité Espagne, Italie, Pays-Bas, Argentine

Critique Ecran Large


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Synopsis La Niña santa

Amalia is an adolescent girl who is caught in the throes of her emerging sexuality and her deeply held passion for her Catholic faith. These two drives mingle when the visiting Dr. Jano takes advantage of a crowd to get inappropriately close to the girl. Repulsed by him but inspired by an inner burning, Amalia decides it is her God-given mission to save the doctor from his behavior, and she begins to stalk Dr. Jano, becoming a most unusual voyeur.

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