Date de sortie 07/08/2017 Au cinéma (01h25) Titre original Goliath Réalisé par Dominik Locher Avec Sven Schelker , Jasna Fritzi Bauer , José Barros , Bettina Stucky , Anna Schinz , Tim Borys Genre Drame Nationalité Suisse

Critique Ecran Large


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Synopsis Goliath

David's and Jessy's love is put to the test when Jessy unintentionally gets pregnant. The thought of becoming a father causes David to panic. Later, when they are attacked in the train and David is unable to protect his girlfriend, David's fear of not being man enough is confirmed. In desperation, he starts to inject steroids. David develops aggressive traits and becomes a threat to his girlfriend and the unborn child.

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