The Dark Offerings

Date de sortie 07/07/2021 Au cinéma (01h20) Titre original The Dark Offerings Réalisé par Marcus Slabine Avec Elizabeth Piper Schlitt , Benjamin Frankenberg , Felissa Rose , David Howard Thornton , Terry Alexander , Eileen Dietz , Tamara Glynn , Clifton Dunn , Paul Sheehan , Lydia Kalman , Michael Leavy , Tina Nikolova , Jason Leavy , Marcus Slabine , Spencer Charnas , Aimee Kuge , Shawn C. Phillips Genre Horreur Nationalité -

Critique Ecran Large


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Synopsis The Dark Offerings

Sophia Hapgood is thrust into a horrifying world after her brother James brings her into a fatal situation. He passes a demon to her that she must spread to others within 6 days or else they both die. Sophia must make a choice to save her brother or find a way to end the curse. 

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