My Brother's Keeper

Date de sortie 07/02/2014 Au cinéma (01h28) Titre original Hüter meines Bruders Réalisé par Maximilian Leo Avec Sebastian Zimmler, Robert Finster, Nadja Bobyleva, Dagny Dewath, Anna Gehlen, Madeleine Krakor, Katja Liebing, Antonia Lingemann, Christoph Schechinger, Lisa Bihl, Heike Trinker, Dagmar Operskalski, Markus Tomczyk, Maximilian Strestik Genre Drame Nationalité Allemagne

Critique Ecran Large


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Synopsis My Brother's Keeper

Two very different brothers: Gregor (32) and Pietschi (30). Whereas one is reliable and committed, the other is spontaneous and aimless. Gregor is married and is a good doctor; Pietschi in contrast is something of a ladies’ man and a hedonist. According to tradition, the two see each other at least once a year for a weekend of sailing. But this year Pietschi drops out without leaving a message, and simply disappears. Gregor’s life goes on, but he is confused and searches everywhere for a sign of his brother’s whereabouts. The more Gregor realises how little he knows about his brother, the more he becomes fascinated by these things he doesn't know. And the longer Pietschi remains missing, the more obsessed Gregor becomes with his brother’s fading echo, even going so far as to try and slip into his brother’s life. But what happens when one of them suddenly disappears from the mirror image? Can the other continue to be the person they are. Or rather, were?

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